Make Offer: Offer@GONADS.com

5 to 10+ offers are received for GONADS.com each week. All reasonable offers will be considered. Any reasonable offer submitted must include your full name, business address, business phone, business email and business website.

Note: The school year is just starting so we are now receiving several offers EACH DAY for GONADS.COM from high school and college boys. Please boys: Don't bother. For many years, we have been making excellent money renting private subdomains and providing @Gonads.com email addresses. A reasonable offer is now 6 figures - sub-domain and email businesses not included.

Payment and prompt domain ownership transfer available if payment is by EFT. If payment by check, domain will be transferred after check clears. If you must use an escrow service you pay all escrow fees. We no longer accept credit cards nor do business with buyers in China and Russia.

Unreasonable offers will not receive a reply.